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Application TOZO - Welfare for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Several municipalities have now started accepting applications for the BBZ ministerial regulation regarding aid to entrepreneurs, called TORZO (Tijdelijke OverbruggingsRegeling Zelfstandige Ondernemers / Temporary Bridging Scheme for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs).

This scheme is intended for the MKB companies, thus the small and midsize companies.

Some of your and your company’s details will be checked and requested with the application and you must answer questions truthfully.

Please note that this scheme is not intended for every entrepreneur but only for entrepreneurs who have no financial resources to provide for their livelihood for him / herself or for his / her family. This will not ask about the applicant's assets and / or the partner's assets and income, but whether or not there is income and whether the income that is available is enough for maintenance.

Applications can now be submitted online at the following municipalities (this list is not exhaustive, only based on the information known to us):

The above list will, if possible, be supplemented on our website every day until it is generally known that the scheme is accepted by all municipalities.

If you need assistance with the application, you can contact your contact person at A&T Partners.

Update 6-4-2020: The Tozo application can be made in any municipality. The list above will therefore no longer be supplemented.

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