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The information contained on this website is for reference only. The content of this website is not intended to be used by visitors in any country and/or jurisdiction outside the Netherlands. Due to changes in the nature of laws and regulations and the risks associated with electronic communications, the information provided on this website may be subject to delays, defects or other imperfections.

The information provided on this website cannot be considered legal, financial, tax or other professional advice, or as an offer (to provide services), advice or services. Therefore, readers should not take any action without prior expert advice. For advice on tailoring your personal situation, we recommend that you contact us. Regarding the service work of the company, all work is restricted by the general terms and conditions of the company. You can therefore consult this website our general terms and conditions.



Although we have used our best efforts in the composition and maintenance of the information provided on this website, our company, A&T Partners BV, cannot guarantee that this information is complete, up-to-date and/or accurate. A&T Partners BV assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use, reliance or actions of the information provided on this website, unless A&T Partners BV intends or equates to gross negligence.

A&T Partners BV cannot influence (remote or data communication) resources and/or (computer) systems through which to access this website is sought or obtained. Therefore, A&T Partners BV will not accept the consequences of liability, any failures that occur while visiting or consulting this website or when ordering or sending inquiries through this website. This website contains hyperlinked third-party websites that are not/are inspected, created and/or maintained by A&T Partners BV. A&T Partners BV does not accept any responsibility for the content, tools or sources of the linked site.

A&T Partners BV strives to maintain this website with a computer system or software (‘virus’) that is free of harmful elemental functionality, but does not guarantee that this website is completely free of such elements. Therefore, A&T Partners BV will not be responsible for the consequences of using or consulting (partly) the computer equipment or software on this website. As for the risks associated with the use of this website, you bear the full responsibility and risk of loss, including loss of service or data. We do not accept any direct or incidental, special or incidental damages, or damage compensation or other sort of damages, whether as a result of an agreement, legal provision, infringement (including negligence), or other use related to or arising from the use of this website. Even we know or should know the possibility of such damage (compensation).



This website and its contents are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. Except for personal and non-commercial use, this website or its contents may not be reproduced, stored in a computer database, or electronically or by any means, in any form or by any means, without the prior consent of A&T Partners BV or its subsidiaries, nor made public, or photocopyed, recorded or otherwise mechanically carried out.



The above disclaimers and limitations of liability apply to the extent permitted by law, whether by agreement, by law, by infringement (including negligence) or other reasons.

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