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Administrative duty and accounting are basic elements for any financial report on the ins and outs of the company.

Composition of the annual accounts

Each company is obliged to draw up an annual financial report to determine its result and capital position. A&T Partners prepares a financial report (compilation assignment) for its clients so that the filing obligation is met, the income tax return or corporation tax can be done, for an application financing or mortgage can be used, etc.


As an accounting firm, we do monthly accounting for many entrepreneurs. Our clients come to our office with their accounts or we pick it up from our client when desired.

Each company has its own appointed contact person who helps client to oversee his invoices, revenues, costs, receipts, etc.

When accounting is processed, the tax and accounting rules are applied as much as possible, so that when something is not in order, we will report it to you.


Our office does not stand still. With technological advances, more and more bookkeepings are being processed in the cloud and clients themselves can follow the financial progress of their company online. If you want to know more about how this can be an advantage for you, please feel free to contact u

Administrative duty

ften becomes "administrative duty" confused with "accounting". Although these two things are close together, there is a distinction. Administrative duty includes all commitments made in a company or organisation. Therefore it has a lot to do with the question: "what should I capture and store".


Administrative duty is therefore what every company should have, the legislator has made it clear that every company must conduct an administration that fits the size and nature of the company. At A&T Partners we take this seriously, because it not only fulfilling the legal obligation, but by properly administrating, you also obtain better information about your own company.


A&T Partners therefore helps you to set up your administration, in other words: we help you answer the question "what should I capture and store".

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