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When you employ employees, you are obliged to carry out a payroll administration in the Netherlands.

Payroll administration therefore implies that you are obliged to represent at all times the rights and obligations of you as an employer against your employee(s).

Most entrepreneurs know that they are obliged to calculate the employee's net wage at every wage payment. Also that they are obliged to pay tax and social security contributions to the tax authorities.

But calculating these amounts is no longer a "work" that you do. At A&T Partners, we process the necessary wage changes for many employers and prepare the salary declarations per month.

In these times when there seems to be more and more duties on the employer, we help our clients with absenteeism, arbo services, hours of accountability, collective bargaining, termination of employment, privacy, etc.

Therefore, for you as an employer it is needed to meet the ever-changing legal obligations. A&T Partners will help you!

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