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Tax Services

Fiscale diensten

Tax Services

The Netherlands is a country where the individual and the company have to deal daily with tax legislation. Whether it is buying a butter or closing a million euro transaction.

Therefore, tax advice does not begin with the question: "how much tax do I have to pay?", but at: "what taxes do I have to pay?".

A&T Partners will first help you answer the question: "what taxes do I have to pay?". Therefore, good tax advice starts with the elaboration of your fiscal trajectory, making clear what rules there are, where you should or should not pay attention to with your actions and non-actions, etc. In short, "better safe  than sorry".

But if you have already gotten involved in a tax "problem", then being too late is not always the case. Together we can identify your tax position and see what solutions are possible.

As an office, affiliated with the Register Tax Advisors association (RB Belastingadviseurs) our (tax) lawyers are university or HBO trained and possess the needed tax knowledge. With both feet on the ground we provide services, submit tax returns and we do not hesitate if we have to stand up for our clients  in discussion with the tax office or even at the tax court. This gives you, as a client, the confidence that our tax advice is taken seriously and that we are aware of and keep up with the most recent changes in tax matters. In any area of tax law, such as income tax, payroll tax, turnover tax, corporate tax, etc. we can assist you with advice and deed.

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