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Closure of Catering in the Netherlands

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Today at 6:00 pm all food and beverage outlets in the Netherlands will have to close until April 6. The schools will also close tomorrow.

This is a big setback for entrepreneurs who fall under this, especially now that turnover has only declined in recent weeks. The closure is an emergency measure of the government, which is why it is all the more important that these entrepreneurs who have personnel apply for a reduction in working hours.

For entrepreneurs who do sell food and drink but as a delivery or take-away, they can remain open. But the purpose of this measure must be considered, it is intended that people do not come together with large numbers. That is why this measure will not apply to delivery or take-away. However, care must be taken to ensure that customers do not have to wait too long when they take-away or that there are many of them waiting in a room.

We think it is good that it is made clear to customers that they better after ordering, wait outside or that they call in advance to place the order so that they can take their order with them immediately after payment.

Let's hope that the government will provide support and help to the entrepreneurs affected by this measure.

Update 15-03-2020 / 21:02: Regarding the take-away the situation is unclear. Several news sources are contradicting each other. On the website of the department of Health there is no specific information about take-away.

Update 15-03-2020 / 22:01: The Minister of Health says on Twitter that all horeca businesses needs to be closed, so no take-away make take place. Customers may order by food and have it delivered.

Update 16-03-2020 / 17:30: The government has changed its decision that take-away is allowed, but keep in mind what has been included in the message above. Good luck everyone!


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