Update Corona situation for entrepreneurs

Below are some news facts about entrepreneurs’ support due to the Corona situation:

1) The Municipality of Utrecht has indicated that applications for the ministerial regulation for the extension of the Bbz can be received on 25 March 2020 and that the application form will then be available on their website. If you need help with this, please contact your A&T Partners contact.

2) The City of Rotterdam has indicated that entrepreneurs will automatically receive deferred payment for the following taxes for the following 3 months:

– Property tax

– Advertising tax

– Sewer tax

– Waste tax

The collection interest is also reduced from 4% to 0.01% as the government does.

Market vendors do not have to pay market money and electricity for the next 3 months.

3) The Municipality of Amsterdam and The Hague will, upon request, defer payment of municipal taxes and will also reduce the collection interest to 0.01%.

4) There is no news yet about the promised one-off fee of € 4,000 for the hardest hit companies in the Netherlands.

More municipalities are expected to come up with support measures, keep an eye on your municipality’s website.


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Published on: 22 March 2020