About us

“Quality over Quantity” is our motto, because every entrepreneur wants to avoid nasty surprises. Our services are an effort on quality so that every client knows that what he/she entrusts to us does not get these nasty surprises afterwards. Clarity and completeness are aspects that should not be lacking in our relationship with the client. Not only clarity in the explanation but also in the method of working towards and for the client. Completeness in information and activities creates a more thorough relationship with the client.

A&T Partners was founded in 1991. The company has grown from 1 to 17 FTEs to this day. Our clientele consists mainly of entrepreneurs from SMEs, ranging from retailers to import and export companies, from catering companies to lawyers, from one-man businesses to holding and operating companies. In short, a broad spectrum of Dutch businesses are found in our client portfolio.

The level of knowledge and skills and the its maintenance has a high priority. The employees of our office have completed university skills such as: tax law, Dutch law, economic sciences. As well as education at HBO and MBO level (MEAO, MBA)

We are often a beacon for questions and help centre for our clients. Especially starting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the far east who are in need. Only our Heavenly Father is all-knowing, which is why we work together with other specialists to optimise our support for our clients. Our network is  complete in administrative, financial, fiscal and legal terms. Our office is affiliated with the Register Tax Advisors (www.rb.nl). This ensures high-quality tax advice. We also work together with lawyers, accountants, notaries or other specialists, so that jobs such as: audit reviews and restructurings can be performed.

A&T Partners can be safely grouped under the better accounting firms where quality always takes precedence over quantity!